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Business Planning

Successful business plan is a document that conveys the exciting prospects and growth potential of your business. Thus, a business plan should not only emphasize the strengths of a company, but also be realistic about its problems, risks, and obstacles, while offering solutions to these issues. At YulDash we distinguish two types of Business Plan users:

1. External users:business plan is a company’s first-line tool for obtaining funding and other types of outside support fromInvestment Funds, Bank Financing, Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions, Customer and Distributor Relationshipsetc.

2. Internal users External users of Business Plan:a business plan is an important management tool. It enables management to plan company growth and to anticipate changes in a structured way.Perhaps most important, the business plan commits the entire management team to the same goals. The process of working out the plans objectives invariably forces executives to reconcile different visions of where the company stands and where it is headed. A written business plan can be an important internal document for companies with multiple locations and operations. Top management can monitor the business plans not only to be certain that formal planning is occurring, but also to determine whether the finished plans are consistent with long-term financial and market goals.

Creating a business at YulDash we trying toworkout a blueprint of success for your business. You and further users will have a thorough understanding of following fundamental issues:

➢What is the essence of the business?

➢ What are the long-term goals of your company? The near-term?

➢ What does the Business Plan wish to gain (funding, internal vision, etc.)?

➢ What are the likely needs and requirements of the readers?

➢ Are these objectives achievable?

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